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Build interactive effects without writing any JavaScript or CSS. Get all work done in your HTML.

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<!-- Card -->
<div data-tor="
  mouse(x):tiltY(20deg <2s>)
  focus(#input):s(.95 <2s, elastic>)
  <!-- Input -->
  <input id="input" data-tor="
    focus:[tz(2rem) s(1.05) br(0.5rem) o(1) <2s, elastic>]

  <!-- Button -->
    <div data-tor="
      animate:ty(0.25rem <1s, alternate, infinite>)
      hover:s(1.15 <1s, elastic>)

  <!-- Background image -->
  <img data-tor="
    focus(#input):[s(1.2) filter(blur(1rem) <2s, elastic>]

with ease

* Make interactions in seconds

From simple to complex motions in no time.

No matter if you want to create a simple hover effect, or multi-step timeline animation. TorusKit tools will make it easy and fun.

<!-- Add effects into multiple child elements -->
<div data-tor-group="
  path =>
    transform-origin(bottom) s(0) ty(100%)
    animate:[ty(100%) s(1) <3s, delay: \+200\ms, alternate, infinite>]
    <path />
    <path />
    <path />

Easy markup that saves headaches with CSS/JS.

Work with CSS as you would expect. Individual transforms? Smooth reverse transitions? Multiple animations together on one element ? All checked!

<div data-tor="
  // Static styling
  bgi(linear-gradient(90deg, #fd44e9, #531bbe, #77e5fd)) br(1rem) padding(5rem) shadow(lg)

  // Individual transforms
  animate:[s(1.25) r(45deg) <2s, elastic, alternate, infinite>]

  // Timeline animation
  animate:[[br(50%)], [filter(blur(1rem))] <2s, alternate, infinite>]

  // Another animation added
  animate:[tx(4rem) +r(360deg) <2s, alternate, infinite>]

Mouse and Scroll-linked effects together

Transform your website into an immersive and interactive experience with user-driver motions.

<!-- Scene rotation -->

<div data-tor="
  // `$options` variable and static styling
  $options(<2s, method: parallax>) rx(-8deg) ty(20%)

  // Interactive rotation on mouse
  mouse(x):ry(10deg $options) mouse(y):-rx(8deg $options)

<!-- Sun scale on scroll -->

<div data-tor="
  // Static styling
  transform-origin(bottom center) s(0.75)

  // Interactive scale on scroll
  scroll:s(1 <2s, end: 40%>)

<!-- Car move and rotation on mouse -->

<div data-tor="
    tx(-8rem <2s, method: parallax>)
    -ry(20deg <3s, method: delta-oriented>)

Trigger animation when scrolled into view

Unleash visual surprises and capture attention. Animate elements as they scroll into view, effortlessly.

<!-- Group set of effects to multiple elements -->

<svg data-tor-group="
  path => ty(5rem) o(0) inview:[ty(0rem) o(1) <3s, easing: out-expo>]

Built-in loops for infinite motions

Elevate your web presence with seamless, continuous animations using built-in loops. Create visuals that engage your audience and enhance user experience.













<!-- Wobble -->
<div data-tor="loop:wobble-h()">...</div>

<!-- Jump -->
<div data-tor="loop:jump()">...</div>

<!-- Blink -->
<div data-tor="loop:blink()">...</div>

<!-- Fly -->
<div data-tor="loop:fly()">...</div>

<!-- Pulse -->
<div data-tor="loop:pulse()">...</div>

<!-- Swing -->
<div data-tor="loop:swing()">...</div>

<!-- Swing -->
<div data-tor="loop:swing()">...</div>

<!-- Orbit -->
<div data-tor="loop:orbit(1.5rem)">...</div>

<!-- Radiate -->
<div data-tor="loop:radiate(#00f4fc)">...</div>

<!-- Spin -->
<div data-tor="loop:spin()">...</div>

<!-- Tada -->
<div data-tor="loop:tada()">...</div>

<!-- Move -->
<div data-tor="loop:move()">...</div>

<!-- Combination -->
<div data-tor="loop:pulse() loop:swing() loop:blink(0.5)">...</div>

Multiple timeline types mixed together

Simple discrete transition? Or multi-step animation? Maybe a CSS-like offset-based one. No limits there, mix them together as you need!

Discrete timeline
Learn More
<div data-tor="
  animate:tx(5rem <2s, alternate, infinite, elastic>)
  animate:s(1.5 <2s, alternate, infinite, elastic>)

<!-- Alternative markup using "cluster" with options inheritance -->

<div data-tor="
  animate:[tx(5rem) s(1.5) <2s, alternate, infinite, elastic>]

Simple timeline that animates element from initial state to the new one. You can use a 'cluster' when setting multiple properties on one trigger.

Sequenced timeline with independent steps
Learn More
<div data-tor="
    [tx(-5rem <2x,alternate>)], // Independent repeat in step
    [s(1.5) <[s(1.5)>]
    <3s,alternate,infinite,pause: 1s>

Step-based timeline where the cluster represents a step. Each step can include multiple properties.Timeline will proceed to the next step only if all properties in the current step has finished.

Offset timeline
Learn More
<div data-tor="
    0%:[tx(0rem) r(0deg) s(1)],
    33%:[tx(5rem) r(0deg) s(1)],
    66%:[tx(5rem) r(360deg) s(1)],
    100%:[tx(5rem) r(360deg) s(1.5) <[tx(5rem) r(360deg) s(1.5)>]

Like regular CSS animation definition. Divide the animation into multiple percentage-based pieces. All properties have to initialized in the first step.

Combination with hover trigger
Learn More
<div data-tor="
    [tx(-5rem <2x,alternate>)],
    [r(360deg) <[r(360deg)>]
    <3s,alternate,infinite,pause: 1s>

  animate:[0%:[o(1)], 100%:[o(0.5)] <1s, alternate, infinite>]
  hover:s(1.25 <1s, elastic>)

These timelines can be mixed together even with another trigger. The example above shows how to mix two different animations triggers with independent 'hover' trigger.

Path reveal and offset animations

Gradually reveal SVG lines as you scroll, hover or on any available trigger. Use an SVG path to animate the element along.

circle circle

<!-- Path reveal on viewport enter -->
<div data-tor="

<!-- Animating translate along the path -->
<div data-tor="
  animate:translate-along-path(<10s, linear, path: #path-01, infinite>)

<!-- Translate along the path on scroll -->
<div data-tor="
  scroll:translate-along-path(<1s, path: #path-01, infinite>)

Triggers for everything

TorusKit includes trigger for almost any situation. You can always combine them together.

On hover
On active state
On class change
.loading(parent):[width(1.75rem) s(1)]
On click
On focus
focus:[shadow(lg) bg(rgba(0,0,0,.1))]
On check
check:[s(1.5) bg(#843087) <1s,elastic>]
On focus within
focus-within:[bg(#2d0358) s(1.1 <1s>)]

Responsiveness for every device

Unlock the power of versatility with TorusKit! Seamlessly craft dynamic animations tailored for diverse resolutions.

Target the right resolution

This example shows that scale value is 1.2 by default, but 1.5 on md resolution and up. Then, when the resolution is xl and up, value of 2 will be used.

<!-- Path reveal on viewport enter -->
<div data-tor="
  animate:s([1.2 md::1.5 xl::2] <2s, alternate, infinite>)

Utilities that enhancing your efforts

TorusKit includes numerous of utilities to make your development more comfortable and flawless.

Additive animations

Create cumulating effect by adding (or removing) another animation to the running one. Not possible with regular CSS.

Property shorthands

No need to write a full CSS property definition. Just use tx that refers to translateX. Many shorthands available.

Animation chaining

Set what to do when the animation starts or ends. Create complex sequenced or parallel transitions.

Element bounds

Get and use the element dimensions as animation value. Need to animate the height? Just use get(height).

Position shift

Move the element from original position. Useful for notification badges, tags, ribbons, etc. The shift:up(50%) explain itself.

Class/attribute toggle

Easily add/remove/toggle the class or attribute on the element using various triggers.


Store a value in a global or local (per element) variable for later use. Especially useful for repeating markup.


Create a reference trigger, that runs only when certain conditions are met. The @grow:s(2) will start only the @grow reference is called.

Your toolbox for advanced interactions

We are in beta!* Support our effort by purchasing the TorusKit to make it happen!

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  • References
  • Motion path / offset effects
  • And many more!